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Social Conditioning, a New England Style IPA

Here we are, in a whole new World, an entire new social world at that. The human experiment on planet Earth continues, with new challenges, but it continues. Truly one of our our biggest tests as a species in our lifetimes.

The idea behind Social Conditioning NEIPA was to brew a beer that can be enjoyed at home with all the characteristics of a house bomb beer; creamy, smooth and juicy. At 8% ABV, this beer is potentially a deep conversation starter. We used copious amounts of Azacca, El Dorado & Simcoe hops in the whirlpool and then again when dry-hopping. The essences come together & balance so beautifully with our malt bill. The result is a hazy, creamy & juicy hop bomb with a fruity nose of mango & pineapple that follows with a blast of tropical stone fruits. Mango, papaya, orange & grapefruit spring to mind The finish lingers, and the remnants of creamy fresh fruit lead to a thirst for more. Listen to yourself! "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:, it goes on." - Robert Frost The artwork was done by Seldon Hunt with the idea to tune in and listen to nature. Nature is the true Social Conditioning we need at this time, appreciate & respect the Earth. We hope today, we can collectively learn how fragile we humans are. The planet doesn't need us, rather, we need it.

Available now for our Alewife subscribers, thank you.



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