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Planetary Conjunction DIPA

🚨 NEW BEER ALERT🚨 Thursday 1/7/21 right here at the brewery, we’re releasing our newest DIPA, made with Centennial, Loral & Idaho 7 hops: Planetary Conjunction.


Coming in at a nice little ABV of 8.2% this beer was brewed to celebrate the Great Conjuncture between Jupiter, Saturn & us here on Earth. It would have been an amazing sight if it weren’t for those pesky clouds but fear not, there will be another conjunction on January 10th - 11th: a triple conjunction between Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn.

Be sure to grab a 4 pack and make a toast to our amazing universe, cheers!

1 comment

1 Comment

Allen Cihak
Allen Cihak
Jan 08, 2021

I had the pinball machines in LIC. I'd love to blow shit up in Sunnyside. I have a bunch of players that live around there

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