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New Beer Release 2/12/22

Very excited to announce two new beers coming this week and also two firsts for us.

A brown ale ‘Tripping On The Forrest Floor’ brewed with Vermont Maple Syrup, a complexed and enticing malt bill of dark crystal, biscuit, chocolate & special B malt then hopped with Comet Hops. A beautiful integration of ingredients that result in a balanced brown ale.

Our first Lactose DIPA ‘Baba Yaga’. Brewed with copious amounts of Cashmere & Nelson Sauvin with slighter amounts of Amarillo. A blended malt bill of Pilsen & Wheat malt lend to the soft malt bill with a heavy hand of Oats, Lactose & Wheat for that pillow texture and a pleasure to the palate. A beautiful drinking DIPA, enjoy!

*Baba Yaga: The Slavic Witch Goddess Perhaps one of the most well-known pieces of Slavic folklore is the story of the witch goddess Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga was once a well-respected and revered witch goddess in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. As Christianity spread, Baba Yaga was diminished from a goddess to an ugly old hag that lived out in the woods and ate little children. It is possible that Baba Yaga was originally a triple-goddess. Invoke Baba Yaga to tap into your wild side and connect with ancestors.



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