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NEW BEER ALERT! Space Cats - 'Nine Lives IPA' - February 17th.

Last year we introduced our little Space Cat aka Captain Kibble, a happy explorer of the unknown universe, she landed home not too long ago to warn her fellow Meowlings about an impending astroid shower headed their way and is now evacuating the planet. Space Cats 'Nine Lives' documents the impending doom to her planet, check back in next year to see the next chapter of Captain Kibbles adventures, will she get off the planet??? (due to the crazy distance between our planet and her's, we won't know for 12 months)

The beer: Pours hazy yellow with tropical and citrus aromas, taste of tangerine, coconut, melon and pineapple. Brewed with golden promise & pale ale malts and hopped with all Pacific Northwest-grown hop varieties including Idaho 7®, Talus™ Brand HBC 692, Sabro®, Mosaic® and HBC 630. Light refreshing with a crisp finish.

The hop blend:

Veterans Blend: Last year we brewed a beer with all Veteran picked & blended hops and we loved the combo, this year we decided to do it again but with the newest harvest, again from Yakima Chief Veterans Blend. The Veterans Blend is a unique annual blend, dedicated to providing a charitable donation to a new veteran-support organization each year. This year’s donation will be made to the Gary Sinise Foundation, whose mission is to serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.



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