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Alewife Distraction IPA

UPDATED: We’re releasing our newest IPA on 5/4/20. It’ll be available for preorder now to subscribers to our website.

We’re excited to add Distraction to our family of beers and perhaps at a welcome time for the namesake.

Distraction IPA is a juicy & hazy India Pale Ale, a hop bomb that delivers the bitterness without the bite. This brew features a smooth tasty melody of Cashmere, Idaho 7 & Mandarin Bavaria hops, that bring out the aromatic characteristics of Lemon, Pineapple & Mango flavors.

The artwork was done by Seldon Hunt, as always a pleasure to work with. To run an idea by Seldon and to see it come to life a few days later is remarkable, thanks so much Seldon! The label reflects a deeper more psychedelic & spiritual response as opposed to the literal, the current day distractions aren’t enough to obstruct nature and the role we must play to remain and be as one with our planet.

We’ll send out a reminder via our newsletter next week.

Cheers & stay safe,

Patrick D



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