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New Releases as of thanksgiving week

Death To Ego - Hazy IPA - 6.1%

Double Dry Hopped Death To Ego IPA is our core IPA and spruced up with copious amounts of El Dorado Hops, big pineapple & melons juices. Drink up and let the ego slip!

Cleito - NEIPA - 5.3%

Brewed with predominantly juicy El Dorado hops and a big old wheat & oat bill. This 'session' hazy IPA has all the feels, the popsicle creamy mouthfeel, the soothing melon tones & a slight pineapple bite, refreshing & delish!

Bines & Vines - NEIPA - 7.1%

Brewed in collaboration with Rose Hill Vineyards. Using 2021 Grape harvest of Chardonnay & Riesling juice and hopped with copious amounts of Galaxy & Nelson Sauvin Hops.

It's Just A Movie - Oatmeal Stout - 5.7%

A cocao / coffee covered nose with drinkability off the charts with a medium roast, creamy & light drinking stout. A true Alewife potion, aimed to please!

Frau Holle - Dark Lager - 7%

A dark wintery backbone of malty superiority takes lead with this German style dark lager. The darkness reveals itself through a balanced malt bill that brings to life a clean, robust lager that boasts of bountiful dark fruits like fig, prune & raisin that blend beautifully into a silky smoothness with irresistible urges for more.

All available to-go & to enjoy right here!



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