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The 'Alewife' creator of potions both medicinal & spiritual. 


We fell in love with the stories of ancient times and the roles women had in society, the peace & love they imitated through their beliefs and love towards nature and all species, soon, that was decimated by a ruthless campaign by the main 'religions'  to destroy a Goddess religion that still existed among the lower classes. New findings suggest that wine was not the oldest but in fact beer mixed with psychedelic substances used in shamanistic ceremonies dating much much older, gathered and formulated, the Alewives were the makers of both spiritual & medicinal potions. (Don't worry, it's just beer we make, no special additions!)

So, Alewife's founders Roz & Patrick Donagher, through their journey so far in life, have been for the love of the ancient elixir, brewing & traveling to learn ancient & modern techniques and also researching the namesake of our ancients that is being relieved through our label art at our new home in Sunnyside, Queens.

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Taproom with indoor and outdoor seating at 41-11 39th Street, Sunnyside

Monday - Thursday: 5pm - Midnight
Friday: 2pm - Midnight
Saturday: 10am - Midnight

Sunday: 12pm - Midnight

Happy Hour Monday to Friday open until 7pm.

Taproom drinks and snacks

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We offer home delivery to residents in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan & Long Island.

You MUST have have a valid ID & show before accepting delivery.

We only ship beer within New York State.

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